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About Us

Searsons is more than just a wine shop

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At Searsons, we are a family working in wine.

At Searsons, we are a family working in wine.

A family not only in the true, ancestral sense but also in a more holistic sense. Our team, our partners in the vineyard and you, our customers, the ‘vino cru’ are all integral to the Searsons’ family.

We source our wines directly from the vineyard, forming long-term relationships with producers all over the world. Sustainability is central to our ethos. We drive our business forward on foundations of knowledge, understanding and the constant pursuit of ‘wine nirvana’.

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In 1961 Searsons' were the first to offer en primeur in Ireland

In 1961 Searsons' were the first to offer en primeur in Ireland


1977 was when our shop in Monkstown was established.

With time, comes change. While Searsons is still a family owned and run business, it is the Tindal family who are now at the helm. Building a business for future generations.


Searsons Wine Merchants was founded over 50 years ago in 1964, by Frank Searson

Frank was a pioneer in the wine industry, he was the first to import Bordeaux and Burgundy into Ireland. Not in bottle, but by barge, still in barrel to be bottled by Searsons in Portobello, Dublin.

Meet the Team

Outside of our listings, our core strength is our varied and loyal team of wine lovers.


Jeff Corbett

As manager, Jeff cultivates his team, keeping them strong with new ideas, wines and his easy manner. On the occasional evening off, you’ll find Jeff at home with his family dipping into his latest favourite Cabernet Franc or Carignan.

Buyer, General Enthuser

Harriet Tindal MW

Harriet is one of 419 Masters of Wine, her role is focussed on buying, finding new exciting wines and building on our fine wine stocks. Her role in the background builds our knowledge base. She lives on the premise that ‘life is too short to drink bad wine’

Wine Adviser

Paul Drummond

A man of few words his suggestions and advice on wines when advised is thoughtful and insightful. Paul pulls together parts; he compiles press quotes, updates products and of course, is there day in day out to help you with your wine needs.

Our Sourcing

Our Sourcing

Searsons is about partnerships, laying foundations for the future

We have strong relationships with our partners in the vineyards. Thanks to the connections established by Tindal Wine Merchants the Tindal family’s wholesale importers, Searsons has access to a ready made network of strong connections with top producers from around the world. Travel and exploration are a core part of our business.

We believe in visiting the vineyards, witnessing first hand the activities amongst the vines, work in the winery and emergence of any new innovations or difficulties that could affect quality or supply. These buying trips around the world are like returning to old friends; seeing children grow, businesses mature and relationships strengthen. We work with our partners in wine for the long-term.

Fair pricing, open communication and consistent excellence are our cornerstones.

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We are focussed on helping to sustain the fragile viticultural sector for future generations.

“Sustainability isn’t just about recycling and moving away from fossil fuels. With wine, it involves all aspects of the trade. Vines and grape production are on the frontline when it comes to climate change.

Vintage variation is commonplace, but recently exceptional weather events, such as warmer winters, late frosts, hail and severe drought, have affected vintages, reducing yields by up to 80% in parts of the World. Making a living with this loss of production is certainly not sustainable.

We support our partners, working with them through necessary price increases and stock issues. We build an understanding with our customers about the transient nature of this fermented juice.”

Our Community

Our Community

When it comes to wine, deeper enjoyment comes from a greater understanding.

This colourful industry is the reason that we have such an exciting wine community within Searsons. Our customers, or our ‘vino cru’ make it worthwhile.

What is wine if it’s not enjoyed in company? Led by Harriet Tindal, one of just 419 Masters of Wine in the World, we hold regular tastings, both on and offline. These offer greater insight into the production and styles of wine. Through informal Insta lives, short YouTube videos, Zoom tastings or in person events and dinners we open bottles, unwrapping the contents, lending understanding to what’s behind the label.

At Searsons we hope that you too will join our community, sharing your wine experiences and letting us help you discover new gems on the road to your wine nirvana.

Wine is not a constant. More a fragile production from nature. Delights within reward those who wait.

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