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Tardieu-Laurent, Saint Peray Vieilles Vignes, Rhone, 2020

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Domaine Tardieu-Laurent was established in 1994. It is a partnership between Dominique Laurent, a former pattisier (and with the girth to go with it) and one of the hottest names in Burgundy, and Michel Tardieu, a dynamic young winemaker. Tardieu-Laurent is an extremely unusual operation in that they are a négociant only, buying young wines from growers all over the Rhône, which they mature and blend before bottling. They own no vineyards and don't buy grapes, only wine. Tardieu-Laurent is very much an "artisan" producer, making between half a dozen and 20 or so barrels of each wine.


Famille Tardieu

Tasting Notes

From vines up to 100 years old, this gorgeous Northern Rhone white shows why this genre should get more attention. Tardieu always find the best grower-producers, and they've uncovered a gem here. Good sun exposure and clay-limestone soil under these Marsanne and Roussanne vines produce a lush, mineral-streaked wine that is perfect to accompany richer dishes of fish and white meat. Outstanding value, this is one to try






Rich, complex whte






Marsanne: 50% Roussanne: 50%

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