We are very much looking forward to taking part in the second Alsace Wine Week which is taking place in Ireland from 20th to 26th May 2019. The highlight of the week is the Big Alsace Tasting which is being held in Ely Bar & Grill in Dublin’s I.F.S.C. (tickets on sale now, more here). We will be there pouring the wines of Domaines Schlumberger so be sure to come along on the evening for a taste.

A young team led by Séverine Beydon-Schlumberger and Alain Freyburger, the wine maker. The largest vineyard holders in Alsace of which over 50% are Grand Cru status. Their second wines bearing ‘Princes Abbés’ labels, nevertheless contain considerable quantities of fruit from the Grand Cru vineyards. The style is rich and intense. The attention to detail from the
upkeep of 45km of drystone walls on the steep mountainside vineyards to the complete modernisation of equipment in the winery is second to none. The Rieslings are charming and supple; the intense fruit of the Pinot Gris is sensational and lovers of Gewürztraminer will be delighted by these rich, balanced wines.

You may be interested to read a recent interview with Séverine here where she discusses Alsace imposing legal guides to sweetness levels in the wine on labels.
“Riesling is like an apple, no matter when you eat it it will always be acidic. Pinot Gris is more like a peach, an our Grand Cru Pinot Gris is like a peach that’s been left out until the end of the week – it is fruiter and tastes sweeter. Gewurtztraminer is like exotic fruit – it’s also hard to grow.”