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Both online and offline we have tastings and videos to help you become the ultimate wine buff!

At Searsons there's nothing we enjoy more than finding new, exciting wines for our customers. We try to give our tastings variety with a range of subjects covered across the year.

For Harriet, our resident Master of Wine, it gives her

"the opportunity to share over a decade of learning, keeping it fresh through sharing that knowledge with others"


Our latest Vino Cru workshop goes to the vineyard with Malcolm Leask of Hither & Yon

7pm Wednesday 15th June

Our Vino Cru members are growing both in numbers and in knowledge!

Join us this month as we look at sustainability in the vineyards. Sure, it’s a buzz word, fast becoming as popular as natural wine, organics etc. But do you know what it means?
We’re excited to welcome Malcolm from Hither and Yon in McLaren Vale for this tasting. Their family vineyard is working on a complete circle of regenerative agriculture. They are working on doing less in the vineyards by letting nature find a balance. If you are interested in learning more about soil health, carbon sequestering and Aussie wine this tasting is for you.

Of course, there will be a selection of 6 wines to taste during the discussion, we’ll be tasting and talking through Mal’s wines as well as one or two outliers. So if you’d like to put some stuffing in your convictions about sustainability, join us in June for our lively and interactive workshop.

Tickets for this event are 30 euro each.

New World V Old

How wide is the divide in today's wines
A blind tasting featuring some amazing wines to surprise your expectations

7pm Thursday 21st July 2022

We know it’s the middle of the summer, but we’re hoping you’re still up for some knowledge based wine tasting.

This month we’re going blind… Lining up some classic styles from Europe, against their grape counterparts in the New World (Southern Hemisphere and USA). We’ll be looking at structure, winemaking techniques and climate. Culminating in identification and quality analysis.

This tasting promises to be fun, informative and a welcome diversion for some from the hectic summer holiday season.

Tickets are €45 and based on a first come first served basis.
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This is an in shop tasting in Monkstown,