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Online Tastings @ Searsons

We’ve missed our in store interaction with you all this year, the shop is very empty without our regular tastings and events. Our new sample pots mean that we have ‘virtually’ overcome this hurdle. We are now offering online tastings with wine options in 50 and 100ml formats.

Be it for corporate entertainment or for personal interest, there are no bounds to the selections we can put together for you or your team.

Corporate Tasting Events

Connecting in a social situation is an effective way to grow team bonds, iron out any office tension and reward your colleagues / staff for a job well done.  While our tastings are not ‘in person’, the relaxed presentation style of our team and the exciting range of wines prove an effective second best to a team building social outing. 

Each zoom tasting can be as relaxed or as in-depth as you like!

So how does it work?

  • Contact us on 01 280 0405 or shop@searsons.com to discuss your options. We will build the tasting around your budget and audience. Our packaging and smaller sample sizes mean that it’s now possible to deliver to all the participants directly both within and outside Ireland.
  • Each person signed up to the tasting will receive 6 x 100ml or 50ml sample bottles of wine and a tasting sheet. A 100ml sample will easily be enough for two people sharing. (A regular bottle of wine contains 750ml).
  • Choose the theme or we’re happy to suggest options.
    • Popular themes include:
      – International varieties around the world (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc)
      – A journey through a producing country such as: France, Italy or Spain
      – The art of blind tasting (obviously this is entirely at random and invokes great discussion)
      – Left Bank versus Right Bank – the wines of Bordeaux
  • Our pricing structure, below, is based on the average shelf price of the wine. The price includes packaging and the delivery of samples.
Package Details Price inc vat
Package 1 6 x 100ml samples @ €20 shelf average €40.00
Package 2 6 x 100ml samples @ €30 shelf average €50.00
Package 3 6 x 100ml samples @ €40 shelf average €60.00
Package 4 6 x 100ml samples @ €50 shelf average €70.00
Package 5 5 x 100ml samples @ €50 shelf plus half bottle of Champagne Henriot €85.00

Option 5 is a premium package that includes 5 sample bottles and a half bottle of Champagne.


The wines are decanted into the sample bottles using a Coravin device, which protects the wine with a layer of Argon gas. This ensures the samples are of the highest quality and are not at risk of spoilage due to the presence of oxygen.



In addition to the package price per person, we have some options in regard to the presenter of your tasting.

  • You have a choice of our talented and experienced team at Searsons who can host the tasting at a cost of €200 inc VAT.
  • Alternatively, you can call on the expertise of our resident Master of Wine Harriet Tindal, who can host the tasting for €350 inc VAT.
To discuss this further please do feel free to pick up the phone or send us an email  – 01 280 0405/ shop@searsons.com

For an insight to our Corporate Tasting

Watch Words with a Winemaker

Sherry and Tapas with Jan Pettersen and Harriet Tindal MW

Upcoming Tastings

Burgundy: Talking vintage variation with Nathalie Tollot of Domaine Tollot Beaut

Join us on Thursday 15th April 2021, 6.00pm for an exclusive Webinar and Tasting.
Burgundy: Talking vintage variation with Nathalie Tollot of Domaine Tollot Beaut

‘The 1er Crus of Chablis with Didier Séguier of Domaine William Fèvre.’

Join us on Thursday 25th March 2021, 11.00am for an exclusive Webinar and Tasting.
‘The 1er Crus of Chablis with Didier Séguier of Domaine William Fèvre.’

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day and join our tasting with Irish Winemaker, Simon Tyrrell.

Join the enigmatic duo Ed Adams (Master of Wine) and Bruce Jack (South African winemaker of serious acclaim) while they discuss and taste the wines.

For further information and wines offered please contact us

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