Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon, Swallows’ Tale 2019

 € 12.95

Named in honour of Hirundo rustica, that valiant breed of migrating bird: arrives in Northern Europe from South Africa in April, rears at least two clutches of young during our summer, then migrates back
to South Africa for a well-earned holiday – a dream many of us have and few fulfil.Anthony’s journey to South Africa crosses the path of swallows migrating north for our summer. We are sourcing our grapes
in Swartland and the Southern Cape where sustainable, responsible agriculture is practised and we aim to produce clean, fruit driven wines, expressive of the terroir from whence they originate and only using grape varieties that thrive in that region. We believe Swallows’ Tale is exciting to drink, with or without food. This is our 13th vintage and the swallows continue to migrate.

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