Domaines Schlumberger, Gewürztraminer, Cuvée Christine 2015

 € 65.0

The Estate
A young team led by Séverine Beydon-Schlumberger and Alain Freyburger, the wine maker. The largest vineyard holders in Alsace of which over 50% are Grand Cru status. Their second wines bearing ‘Princes Abbés’ labels, nevertheless contain considerable quantities of fruit from the Grand Cru vineyards. The style is rich and intense. On our visit, we were amazed by the attention to detail from the upkeep of 45km of drystone walls on the steep mountainside vineyards to the complete modernisation of equipment in the winery. The Rieslings are charming and supple; the intense fruit of the Pinot Gris is sensational and lovers of Gewürztraminer will be delighted by these rich, balanced wines.

When Ernest Schlumberger died, his wife Christine (1894-1971) ran Domaines Schlumberger for almost 20 years and managed it with talent and a firm hand. She was the grandmother of current chairman Alain Beydon – Schlumberger. Vendanges Tardives (an appellation since 1984) are wines made with over-ripe grapes picked several weeks after the grape harvest. Contrary to certain botrytized sweet wines, they have a freshness and natural acidity which give them an absolutely unique flavour.

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