Bouchard Finlayson 'Kaaimansgat' Chardonnay 2014

 € 31.95

This boutique winery was founded in 1989 by renowned Burgundian winemaker, Paul Bouchard and South African Pinot Noir pioneer, Peter Finlayson. Situated in the cool climate Hemel-en-Aarde Valley in Walker Bay, 110 kilometres south east of Cape Town, the 22 hectares of vineyard are laid out according to Burgundian principles and more than half are planted with Pinot Noir. Vines are densely planted at 9,000 vines per hectare and green harvesting takes place at veraison (change of colour of grape pigmentation) in order to develop flavour concentration. The vineyards have soils of a distinctive clay-rich Bokkeveld shale (gravel and shale) and the nearby, cold ocean provides a cooling effect on the land. The winery is a leader in responsible agriculture and a pioneer for the World Wide Fund for Nature Conservation. In addition to the acclaimed Pinot Noirs, Bouchard Finlayson also produce highly rated Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs and Rieslings.

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