I was reluctant to open this over the weekend, knowing its history and now partial extinction. I know for a fact this was the second last bottle left in the country. Gerhard Kracher had been with us for our annual Portfolio tasting back in February 2019 in The Marker Hotel and followed up with a brief visit to the shop in the days after.

Sad to say Gerhard informed us that the 2012 Eiswein we were selling may well be the last, that due to global warming he has been unable to produce any since then. In Burgenland, it is now too warm and the grapes no longer freeze! He must now source grapes from nearby Transylvania to produce his new ‘Ice Wine’ under the Lillac & Kracher label. https://searsons.com/product/transylvanian-ice-wine-lillac-kracher/

So……….what was it like?

Safe to say it was well worth the build up – lots of honey and marmalade on the palate, thick and viscous with hints of apricot and toffee. The finish goes on for ever!

Gerhard hopes he can come back home and produce his own Eiswein once every 10-12 years.

I happen to know where the last bottle is but it has quite a large RESERVED sticker on it!