‘Wine with Harriet’ – New World versus Old (4x 100ml tasting pack)


Join Master of Wine Harriet Tindal as through the medium of video, she takes you on a journey through wine. Pick and choose from our sets, open the samples, click into the video and expand your wine knowledge in an informal and enjoyable way.


About This Product...

Our ‘Wine with Harriet’ series offers a selection of sample sets designed to increase your understanding about the world of wines. Our pre-recorded video series by Master of Wine Harriet Tindal, offer a relaxed and informal way to learn, quite literally, from the Master. This set focus’ on how to taste reds, what you’re looking for and helps you understand what has influenced the style of wine in your glass.

Other sets in the series include:

This set holds 100ml samples of each of the following wines :

To purchase the same wines, but in full bottle format please click here


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