The Tomàs Cusiné Six Mix – a 6 bottle mixed case SAVE €15

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An introduction to the wines from Tomàs Cusiné, with a saving of €13 off the RRP.

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About This Product...

A mixed case of wines chosen by Jeff to give you a flavour the wines from Tomàs Cusiné. Situated high in the mountains of Catalonia, Costers del Segre once had a proud tradtition of producing wine. In recent years it would be fair to say that Tomàs Cusiné has been behind virtually every new project in the region. In 2003 he finally decided to produce his own wine in the village of El Vilosell. He has planted a huge range of grape varieties, both local and international, and has already won great acclaim for his complex. seductive wines.

We all need to feel that warm summer sun and so we have put together a selection of 6 bottles from Tomàs Cusiné from sunny Spain, AND we’ve discounted the case price by €13 to make them more accessible to you all.

ONE bottle of each of the following wines included in this SIX BOTTLE case:

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