Tobiano Pinot Noir, Kingston Family, Casablanca Valley 2010


Delicate caramel notes and warm barrel toast, with bright acidity, very balanced.

Red Wine


About This Wine...

The Wine

In the words of Evelyn Vidal, Consulting Winemaker: “I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of the winemaking team at Kingston Family for the past seven harvests. I joined when we were just starting to make wine in western Casablanca. It’s an honor for me to share my tasting notes for this release. I put my heart and soul into making each of our Kingston wines, and when I talk about them I speak the way a mother proudly talks about her own children.
I’ll start with our 2010 Tobiano. In 2010, we picked our grapes a little earlier than usual, in an effort to lend even
more freshness and bright fruit to the final blend. We ferment our Tobiano in small one-ton bins. By managing the
micro-fermentations by hand and as gently as possible, we try to develop balanced and concentrated wines with an
elegant, juicy, velvety texture. I think the 2010 Tobiano is a great example of what we’re trying to achieve.
When I taste the 2010 Tobiano, my first reaction is este vino es muy entretenido! By entretenido, I mean that it’s fun,
with bright acidity and very balanced. It’s almost like a young adult, who loves to throw a party, and share the
evening in the company of friends. I find Tobiano to be a great excuse to enjoy a relaxed conversation with a platter of
cheese and dried fruit. Its bright red fruit flavor reminds me of a sour cherry marmalade that my grandmother used to
make in the Chilean countryside. Our family would congregate around the table to enjoy it with warm toasted
crackers. On the palate, Tobiano gently lends delicate caramel notes and warm barrel toast.”

The Estate

Kingston Family Vineyards is a boutique winery located on the farm that has been in the family for a century, with
handcrafted Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from their vineyards in Casablanca, Chile.
Kingston also collaborates in MOVI, Chile’s Movement of Independent Winemakers, whose members make small lots
of artisan wines by hand.

Despite being a long-standing family winery in terms of the Chilean wine industry, Kingston Family vineyards is now being recognised as “among the best wineries in Chile” (Stephen Tanzer) and named Winery of the Year by Wine & Spirits Magazine. Well known for their Pinot Noir, you realise that this reputation is no coincidence when you hear them talk about the different blocks encompassing several clones treated carefully to a 5 day cold soak, natural fermentations in open top tanks and a highly skilled technician; their winemaker Amael Orrego.

Part of our exclusive new wave of ground-breaking Chilean wine series. Click here to see others in the range. Read the blog post on these from our suppliers, Tindal Wine Merchants, here.


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