Tipaume, Alto Cachapoal 2015


Delicate aromas of red and black berries, with chocolate, plum, spice and régalisse; flavour is mouthful, with a silky volume and long finish.

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Red Wine


About This Wine...

The Wine

“stood out from the crowd… blockbuster in style, with heady super-ripe fruit pulsing with firm tannins and weighty dark fruit… stunning with great aging potential.” Tomás Clancy, The Sunday Business Post, 12th March 2017

The wine is made of a blend of 6 varieties, all co-planted and co-fermented: 60% Carménère, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 3% Viognier, 2% Malbec and 1% Lacrima Cristi.

Delicate aromas of red and black berries, with chocolate, plum, spice and régalisse; flavour is mouthful, with a silky volume and long finish. The wine is clarified naturally, without any fining, nor filtration, thus you may find a small amount of very natural deposit. We recommend decanting them whenever possible, and serving between 14 and 16ºC.

The wine spends time in 400 litre oak barrels (20% of which are new) Maceration with the skins lasts 3 months, while the fermentation finished around Christmas as it is conducted at unusually low temperatures – harvest for this vintage took place during the second week of May 2015.

Bottling date: 1st week of May 2016- 2879 bottles produced

The Vineyard

The vineyard of TIPAUME was planted by the familiy in 1996; it consists of 16 acres, all planted, ungrafted, at a high density, and without irrigation (dry farming). The winery is below the house, in the middle of the property.

Originally cultivating organically, they quickly switched to Biodynamic methods, receiving the full DEMETER certification in 2012, covering all the activity in the vineyard and at the winery. Now Tipaume can proudly announce that their viticulture is free of any pesticide, and the wines are all made naturally.

The Winery

To say that Yves Pouzet and his family are passionate about what they do, would be a tremendous understatement. Based at
their family home in the Alto Cachapoal region, they farm their 6 ha of vines entirely biodynamically and have been Demeter
certified since 2010. Not only that, but vinification and production of their two red wines is carried out following totally
natural methods, with zero use of machinery and minimum intervention. The cellar is under the family house and home to
several clay amphorae where the wines undergo maceration, alcoholic fermentation and storage. The result is incredible.
What’s the drawback. There is very limited availability!

Part of our exclusive new wave of ground-breaking Chilean wine series. Click here to see others in the range. Read the blog post on these from our suppliers, Tindal Wine Merchants, here.




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