Rudolf Trossen ‘Trosecco’ Riesling 2018



Riesling (Sparkling)

Rudolf’s early years working the family vines, spraying with chemicals & fertilizers, led to a  realisation that there had to be another way. A book by Rudolf Steiner (the founder of the biodynamic approach to viticulture), marked the beginning of over 40 years in biodynamic viticulture for the Trossen wines. The purity, minerality and energy seem to reflect the abundance of life both above & below the soils in his vineyards.

The Purus wines are natural, the others have tiny additions of sulphur (still qualifying for biodynamic status), to avoid losing the vineyard expression in the glass.

White Wine


About This Wine...

Medium acidity, light-bodied, floral aromas with a slight fizz.

“We keep these wines on the lees for a very long time and wait until all biological processes have come to an end. Then we fill the wines by hand into champagne bottles and seal them with a crown cap to preserve the natural carbon dioxide. As a result these wines are protected from premature oxidation and can be kept for years.”

Rudolf Trossen

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