Perlage, Prosecco Spumante del Veneto ‘Zharpì’


Certified organic as well as vegan. Full flavours of apple and apricot are balanced with good acidity.

White Wine


About This Wine...

“A beautifully made organic Prosecco, which is suitable for vegans. This has full flavours of apple and apricot balanced with refreshing acidity.” Irish Independent, 2nd December 2017. Full piece here.

“an organic Prosecco suitable for vegans; full flavours of apple and apricot are balanced with good acidity” The Irish Independent 5th August, 2017. Full piece here.

The Estate

A leading figure in the Valdobbiadene region, Perlage were the first Prosecco producer to receive organic certification in 1981, and also the first to receive biodynamic certification in 2005. Perlage now also produce the world’s only Prosecco made without the addition of sulfites.

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