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“Two young women team up to run a winery together.” An unusual story at first glance. The fact that they founded their winery on the Moselle, of all places, where the steep slopes force more and more winegrowers to give up their wineries, makes this story all the more unusual. Rebecca and Janina put together their first 0.7 hectares of their own vineyards from abandoned vineyards and small plots of land. In the meantime, more vineyards have been added and they are still managed by hand. Their wines are characterized by the climatic conditions of the vintage and what the locations have to offer. You can taste it, and that’s the way it should be. They nurture and care for their grapes through the hot sunny days and cool hours of rain, fever and suffer with them so that after the harvest they become wonderful, multi-layered Rieslings. All of this can be found in their wines, in every glass and every sip.


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“Wunschkind” means “wish child” and is the name for Materne & Schmitts first wine, refering to owners Rebecca and Janina’s great desire –  to own a winery. The grapes for this wine are from a combination of all three villages (Winningen, Kobern, and Lehmen) in their portfolio.  All vineyards are steep slopes or terraced vineyards and all from slate.  One could say this is a Terrassen Mosel cuvée.

Reductively made in steal barrels, tender fruits of apples and apricot, lemon and yellow grapefruit and a slight touch of wet stone. Slender body with a fresh acidity. Off-dry, with a touch of sherbet, and so easy to drink.

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