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Over the past few years, the Estate grew in size but is still a comparatively small affair with no more than 3 ha. Among others, it took over some vineyards in the completely unknown village of Lehmen, a few miles upriver from Winningen. One of, if not the jewel of the estate is a small parcel in the Lehmener Lay which had been on the brink of being abandoned (it had not been tended for two years when Materne & Schmitt took it over). The Lehmener Lay is a fine vineyard which was well-rated on the old taxation maps. However, as for so many of the vineyards in the Terrassenmosel, it never really made it to fame because its wines were either sold locally or ended up going into anonymous bottlings by large wineries.

Janina Schmitt explained – “Our parcel forms a small terraced amphitheater at the entrance of the village. It has the particularity of not being too exposed to the evening sun, which means that the grapes do not ripen too quickly and the resulting wines retain some freshness. The soil is quite stony, with a lot of iron oxide giving the wines a great fiery yet focused side.”

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“This offers a backward nose of greengage, candied grapefruit, white pepper, herbs, spices and slate. The wine is quite intense on the palate but remains beautifully layered and even playful as its great intense flavors of fruits are gorgeously well wrapped into a delicate hint of zest. A touch of cream comes through in the gorgeously long finish and the beautifully elegant after-taste driven by wet stones and herbs. This little beauty delivers the tell-tale intense fiery complexity from great Terrassenmosel Riesling with great elegance and finesse. We would not be surprised if this will even gain in precision and presence as it reaches maturity. What a great wine in the making!”

92+/100 ‘Mosel Fine Wines’


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