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A three-bottle mix: one of each of the wines in our range from Losada Vinos de Finca for only €60 –

Altos de Losada, Bierzo DO – normally €27.95

Losada, Bierzo DO, Losada Vinos de Finca – normally €19.95

Losada, Pajaro, Losada Vinos de Finca – normally €16.95

for only €60 – a saving of nearly 10% – for more on each wine please click the links above.


read the mission statement from Losada below to find out more:
“At Losada Vinos de Finca, we are committed to protecting the environment and the future ecological well-being of our vineyards and the Bierzo area where the Mencía has been farmed for centuries.
For this reason, we have developed a model for sustainable viticulture, which enables us to produce Bierzo Wine from our vineyards in a way which is both ecologically responsible and economically viable, helping to guarantee the long term future of high quality wine production in decades to come.
The model incorporates a number of techniques and strategies which work together to create a balanced, diversified and
sustainable vineyard environment and ecosystem while at the same time guarantee the quality of the wines produced by the vines.
The basis of the model starts with the soil.
Losada Vinos de Finca developed a deep study and analysis of the different soils in the area together with Leon
University in order to determine the best locations and areas to produce high quality wines based on our aim of being sustainable.
After this analysis, we considered the clay soils to be the best ground for producing Mencía in Bierzo area for the following reasons:
• Natural control of the rain water and water resources. Clay works as a sponge during the rainy season, then keeping the
subsoil humid during the dry season. The soil itself controls the water needed by the vines without the need for irrigation or human interference
• Clay has a low potassium level which is one of the main characteristics of the soils in the area. This means we are able to avoid using herbicides to balance the soils, instead getting the rightbalance provided by Nature.
• Clay is easier to work and lets us reinvigorate and break the soils mechanically providing the perfect balance year on year,
guaranteeing the long term future of the production. As well as the soils, our practices include the elimination of any kind
of herbicidesor systemic product for diseases prevention. Only when absolutely necessary do we use ecological products to combat Oidium or Mildium.
Sexual confusion system:This technique is based on a natural insect pheremone which confuses a male butterfly into not mating with the female of his species. If the insects don’t breed, they aren’t a threat to the vines. There are no eggs, so there are no caterpillars, and if there are no caterpillars, there is no damage to the vines thereby avoiding the need to spray pesticides. All these practices have the objective of having the minimum possible human impact in the environment being respectable and careful with the Nature and allow us to have a level of sulphurous in the wines much lower even than organic wines.”

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