Lanson Ivory Label Demi-Sec NV


The blend is a skilled act that has been refined and improved over the years. In the 19th C, Demi-Sec was the predominant Champagne style. Perfect with fruit and dessert.

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Lanson was founded in 1760 and is one of the oldest ‘Grandes Marques’.

For the Non-Vintage wines, the grapes used have a substantially high average rating of over 96% on the ‘Echelle des Crus’, being sourced for the most part from Premier Cru or even Grand Cru vineyard sites.

Three regal grape varieties are blended to produce the standard NV Lanson wines. Pinot Noir, giving body and structure; Pinot Meunier, much sought after for its roundness and fruitiness; and Chardonnay, a symbol of finesse, lightness and elegance. For the Vintage Champagnes, only the top 100% classified Grands Crus are selected.

Lanson is one of the very few Champagne Houses which avoids the malolactic fermentation, year on year and for all its styles. This practise retains the freshness and fruitiness of each cuvée and enables the wines to keep longer. The Lanson tradition allows the Crus and Reserve wines to develop fully and to better express their wealth of aromas and flavours.







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