La Chapelle de Lafon Rochet 2015, Saint-Estèphe


Powerful, rich, and concentrated, which helps it stand the test of time, whilst staying full, smooth and civilised. A subtle balance.

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Red Wine


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The Chateau


2ème wine of Château Lafon Rochet
The History of this ancient estate goes back to the middle of the 17th century, when, in 1650, Antoinette de Guillemotte, brought the land of ʹRochetteʹ as her dowry to her husband, Pierre de Lafon, a Councillor in the Bordeaux Parliament who gave his name to the property. In spite of the revolution, the estate was to stay for more than two centuries in the hands of this far‐sighted family who did much for the reputation of its wines.
In 1880, Madame Lafon de Camarsac died, and the Château entered into a period of some difficulty. The estate changed hands several times, and, when Guy Tesseron became the new owner in 1959, it was in serious need of restoration.
Having first put the vineyards back in to good order, Guy Tesseron decided to build an entirely new chai, and the Château, too, was pulled down, and a new house built, completely in the Chartreuse style of the 18th century.
Fired by this Medocain adventure, Guy Tesseron acquired a further Classified Growth, Château Pontet‐Canet in pauillac, in 1975. Now,   the running of both properties is the hands of his two sons, Michel and Alfred.

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