Ingredienti: Uva 2017, Tenuta Le Calcinaie


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This wine is made from 100% Sangiovese, with no added sulphites. As the name implies, the only ingredients are the grapes! An unfiltered wine.

Vibrant black cherry fruits with fruit cake flavours, woody spices and a touch of liquorice. Firm tannins and a fresh acidity balance the big fruits, dense and deep with a savoury finish.

3 km from San Gimignano, in the glorious Tuscan landscape, is where Simone Santini, Jack-of-all-trades and owner of this small, well-run estate. Vines have been organically farmed since 1995 producing wines with a very low toxicity. All wines are Organic.

The tiny Tenuta Le Calcinaie estate is situated within the confines of San Gimignano, the medieval Tuscan hill town made famous by its many towers. Considering the location and attention to quality at Le Calcinaie, this little jewel of a property has become quite renowned for its rare and exceptional Vernaccia di San Gimignano for which the town of San Gimignano is also justly famous. Considering the dearth of fine Tuscan whites, it should come then as no surprise that Tenuta Le Calcinaie has been so keenly identified with Tuscany’s finest white wine. However, what the world has not yet discovered is just how wonderful this brilliant estate’s red wines are, most notably Le Calcinaie’s Colli Senesi Chianti and its proprietary Super Tuscan red, Teodoro.
Behind the success of Tenuta Le Calcinaie is the affable and witty Simone Santini, known near and far as the Great Santini! Simone is gifted with an archetypal Tuscan sense of humor; he possesses a vibrant wit and an acute sense of irony. He is also an excellent winemaker, and his estate is completely certified organic. His Vernaccia di San Gimignano is classically wrought, exceptionally focused, and bursting with flavor. Meanwhile, the true irony lies in Simone’s red wines; they, too, are exceptional and as delicious as his Vernaccia, yet few people outside of San Gimignano have ever tasted these wines. Come to think of it, how many Americans have ever tasted Vernaccia di San Gimignano or Colli Senesi Chianti, two of the friendliest of all Tuscan wines from the hands of a true artisan, “The Great Simone Santini”?
Tuscany enjoys a unique position in Italy. Located in the center of the Italian peninsula, its cities, culture, and people have existed for thousands of years in the throes of conflict. Drawing strength from its ancient Etruscan origin, which lent Rome its ability to build and engineer feats of unparalleled proportion, the inhabitants of Tuscany have shaped an austere, mystifyingly beautiful countryside into a rich, fecund land. And from the dynamic tension that held sway over Florence and its neighbors during the Middle Ages, there emerged the Renaissance – a 15th century ideal that made “man the measure of all things.” In harmony with a singularly beautiful land that has been inexorably shaped by the finest artistry of man, Tuscans have created a nearly ideal world in which agriculture, architecture, art, thought and wine continue to form one seamless, vital union. Nowhere in Tuscany is this truer than in San Gimignano, where the city’s medieval towers reach for the sky and point to the limitless nature of the Tuscan spirit.



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