Domaine Henry Pelle, Sancerre, La Croix du Garde 2016


Lovely elegant style, lively earthy flavour mingling with herbaceous gooseberry hues that last forever. Delicious.

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The Estate

Situated right in the heart of France, in the extreme east of the Loire Valley, a stone’s throw from Bourges lies the charming little Berry village of Morogues with its fields, meadows and slopes clustered around its very beautiful church. The Domaine Henry Pellé cellars are nestled at the foot of one of these slopes.
Even though wine has been produced for years in Morogues, and even though the Pellés have been winegrowers for generations, it was only in 1959 (when the Menetou-Salon appellation was created) that the history of this very young appellation and that of the Pellé family became inter-twined. Out of respect for the terroirs of their vineyards the domaine practices organic viticulture.



Since 1982, our estate has been cultivating 5 hectares of Sancerre in the village of Montigny. The ‘Caillotes’ type of pebbly clay and limestone soil produces beautifully fi ne wines with great regularity. We have recently acquired 2 additional hectares of vines growing on Kimmeridgian marl from another winemaker. This acquisition allows us to obtain a beautifully aromatic wine that mixes citrus and fl oral notes underpinned by a beautiful minerality.


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