Eco Chardonnay 2020


Light, clear, greenish yellow with refreshing citrus aromas of grapefruit and lime that intermingle with subtle tropical fruit aromas. Notes of chestnut unfold on the palate. Juicy and refreshing with great volume and intensity, balanced acidity and an enjoyable finish.

White Wine


About This Wine...

“an opulent wine that feels far more complex than its pricing with flickers of honey, light nut, mandarin and a clean citric finish”  Tomás Clancy’s in the Sunday Business Post, 29th October

The Estate

In 1998, Emiliana’s organic project became a reality, converting their vineyards to herbicide-free environments – see vineyard pest control in action above! In 2006 their vineyards were certified biodynamic, a system which follows and allows nature’s own processes at its own rhythm, without the intervention of external elements. The varietals are young, clearly identified with their original variety and loyal to the characteristics of the grape. From the moment of production they are ready to be consumed.

Eco Range

Eco is a collection of quality wines for everyday enjoyment. Integrity, sustainability and an earth-friendly focus are the inspiration behind this creation. Healthy grapes and beautiful vineyards, teeming with life deliver these engaging wines from the valleys of Chile. Instead of stark, sterile rows of vines, the vineyards are buzzing with birds, bees, insects and native wildlife providing a natural, effective defence against common vine-destroying insects. Chemicals are replaced by natural products and compost is produced from grape skins and stems, vegetal residue and manure. Harmony with nature and a commitment to the integrity of the environment are reflected in Eco Balance.


Cold due to the influence of the Pacific and the Humboldt current. Presents permanent humidity and average temperatures of 25°C in summer and 14°C in winter.


There are no aquifers, so the exact and necessary irrigation is provided. It has different types of soils, from evolved and black clay, to coarse yellow sand.


Awards and Reviews

  • June 2015  – Decanter Magazine named Emiliana Winemaker Alvaro Espinoza, creator of Coyam,  as one of the 30 most prestigious winemakers in the world
  • November 2015 – Emiliana Vineyards named as ‘Winery of the Year’ by Wines of Chile

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