Coravin Limited Edition



This standard Model Six bundle is perfect for the serious wine drinker who is planning his next vineyard trip, the grandfather who wants to collect every Coravin System, and your novice-wine-collector nephew. The Limited Edition Mica System comes with a Carry Case, three Coravin Pure™ Capsules, and two standard Coravin Screw Caps—perfect for sipping through the holiday season.

About This Product...

“Revolutionised how wine lovers can appreciate finer wine at home… a dazzling gift for a fine wine lover.”

Tomás Clancy, The Sunday Business Post December 2018


The Coravin™ Model Two is Coravin’s most intuitive wine system that gives you the freedom to pour and enjoy a glass of wine from any bottle at any time. Model Two is the best-in-class tool that protects your wine from oxidation using Coravin’s proprietary technology that leaves the cork in place while the wine flows.



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