Chilena, El Viejo Almacen de Sauzal, Maule Valley 2014


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Made from Paìs (also known as ‘Mission’ and Criolla Chica in Argentina)

Winemaker Renán Cancino was born and bred in the small village of Sauzal in the Maule Valley. Home to many of Chile’s
old vines (including the variety Pais) this rural area is a real treasure trove, much of which has only recently been
rediscovered. Ever since the 2010 earthquake that shook Chile to the core, when most of the houses in Renán’s home town
were completely destroyed, he vowed to help his fellow villagers and give them a dignified life. The work he carries out at his
father’s old shop (El Viejo Almacen), turned winery, is pure tradition and passion, using winemaking techniques of yesteryear
and producing three red wines of surprising elegance, purity, freshness and balance that open a new chapter in Chile’s
winemaking history.

Part of our exclusive new wave of ground-breaking Chilean wine series. Click here to see others in the range. Read the blog post on these from our suppliers, Tindal Wine Merchants, here.


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