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One of the world’s finest estates, Chateau Montelena produced the winning white wine in the infamous Judgement of Paris’ tasting of 1976. Now known as much for their long- lived Cabernet Sauvignon as for their Chardonnay, Chateau Montelena is undoubtedly one of Napa Valley’s finest ambassadors and one of the world’s great producers.

We’re super excited to give you the opportunity to taste the range. New vintages and new wines from this world famous estate.

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About This Product...

Chateau Montelena – A unique story in every bottle

“Regardless of your wine background, we speak to who you are and where you are. There is a unique story living within each bottle we craft”, Chateau Montelena

“Fifty years of Barrett ownership have cultivated a profound understanding of the land we farm. We’re not interested in recreating a specific flavor in our wines year after year, but capturing each unique season through the lens of our growing site. Our goal is to paint with all of the colors, with Montelena expressed in every vintage.”


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