Antinori Six Pack

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Antinori, one of Italy’s most important wine producers, based in tuscany, where the modern wine firm was founded by brothers Lodovico and Piero Antinori in 1895. By the early 1990s, he had increased the annual production fifteen-fold, giving the house a commanding position in Tuscany, based on both the excellent quality of all the firm’s wines at various price levels and, above all, on the innovative work of Antinori and its oenologist Giacomo Tachis in creating Tignanello, the prototype supertuscan; Solaia, which, together with sassicaia (initially marketed by the Antinori and whose development was assisted by Tachis), showed the potential for outstanding Cabernet in Tuscany; and Cervaro, a white wine produced at the Castello della Sala based on Chardonnay grapes.

Although it is firmly anchored in Central Italy, where its vineyard holdings were 1,475 ha/3,643 acres in 2014, Antinori has expanded steadily, securing holdings in every important or upcoming Italian wine region: Montenisa in Franciacorta; the historic house of Prunotto in Barolo; and Tormaresca, a large-scale operation in Puglia, two examples we feature in this six pack.


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